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8...Yes 8 million dollars a day spent on dog food in the USA

Just heard a news blip saying we spend 8 million dollars a day on dog food in this country. And I heard this little tidbit while using the "debris" from yesterdays yummy ham dinner to make "dog food" to feed our 3 dogs for the next week. I am thinking that maybe someone else could use this idea (someone from the 8 million dollar a day club) and quickly make some healthy, cheap food for their critter buddies.
Here's the rough plan:
Chop with a knife to 1 or 2" pieces any leftover meat
Do the same with veggies
Any pasta or rice or bread into cubes also
Broth or gravy is nice too
Dump all this in the food processor and grind to the consistency of ground meat (or dog food if that is a better reference for you)
Spoon into container, store in fridge and dole out daily to the hungry pups.Our guys luv this food. Mr. Willie will walk away from a bowl of store bought dog food.......he'll just wait until I come to my senses and serve him a proper dinner, thank you.
Really this takes less time than a trip to the store and hauling and storing the dog food. Although I am not a vet, common sense tells me this has to be healthier than who knows what is in the pre-made dog food. And if you want more convincing we have 4 16 year old critters in this house who have never had health problems and although they have certainly had (quite often) store bought pet food they have had a good amount of home cooked food also.

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