Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Welcome Home!

Life is so so so very good.......we never know what is around the next corner but it is often wonderful beyond our most creative imaginings.

I have spent my entire life looking for a home. Tim and I once counted how many times each of us had moved, (don't remember my total...A LOT) and though each of those moves had many practical "life happens" reasons; each time I hoped that this would be HOME. Just about the time I could remember where the measuring cups were stored I would start thinking about another house, city, state; that would feel more like home.

A few months ago Aunt Sharon and I discussed a blog where we could communicate as a family. My little brain has been playing with the idea since, a bit of study about blogs, reading lots of others' blogs and trying out various hosting sites. This morning it all came together, the blog name, the hosting site, my mission and it is.

I have found my home..... and it is my deepest hope that the rest of my family will join me. This is our "cyber home", a place we can gather regardless of where we are in this world. A safe haven to share our thoughts, plans, ideas, concerns, love, laughter; all the things that families need.

Like most homes this one has rules

1- We treat everyone with love and respect...Everyone is welcome and needed
2- We agree that sometimes we will disagree and that makes life interesting
3- Post what you want, whenever you want; this is your home too
4- We have no hall monitors, mama's or police so you have to manage your own behavior, clean up your own messes and be prepared to defend your own space.

This blog is a gift to me and my gift to you. Share what you want, talk to each other or the world in general. I am still learning the ins and outs of this but will share with you as I learn. Email me with any questions, suggestions or ideas.

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