Saturday, December 13, 2008

Guessing game. This will tell you how old you are.
Who had pink mints on the coffee table?
Who wrote Aunt a letter before they could talk?
Who always had ribbon candy and thin mints for Christmas?
Who made strawberry pies every summer?
Do you remember stories told in the past?
Who got into the tampax box and spread them all over the front room floor?
Should I stop?


  1. I guess maybe I am so old the answers have seeped from my memory...the only one I can answer confidently is ribbon candy and thin mints..Grandma H.
    Are you going to supply answers for those of us who will not be able to sleep until we know?

  2. When you are 70 years old you need more hints like initials. . .

  3. Actually the only thing I can guess on this is my age.

  4. OK, cough up some clues or answers. We are failing here.